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Prayer Cube - Grace

Prayer Cube - Grace
Price: £2.75
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Occasion: Small Gifts
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Prayer Cube - Grace
Prayer Cube - Grace
Prayer Cube - Grace
Prayer Cube - Grace
Prayer Cube - Grace


Our selection of wooden prayer cubes makes the process of learning prayers easy and fun for children of all ages. Each Grace Prayer cube contains 6 mealtime prayers silk-screened on a wood cube. Each prayer cube measures approximately 4cm square - perfect for little hands. Roll the cube to determine which grace will be prayed at the meal table, at home or at school. They make great gifts for teachers, students and families to help everyone get involved in prayer time. The graces featured are:

God is great, God is good; Let us thank Him For our food. Amen.

For joy, and plenty, health and power, I thank You, Father, every hour. Amen.

God, bless this food, which we now take; And do us good for Jesus' sake. Amen.
For health and food, for loving care, for friends and blessings everywhere, dear Father God we thank Thee. Amen.

Dear Father, for this food we give Thee fullest thanks today. May we use the strength it gives to drive all sin away. Amen.
Father, my praise I gladly give, in all I do, and think, and live. Amen.

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