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Prayer Cube - Children

Prayer Cube - Children
Price: £2.75
Availability: In Stock
Model: 9000358
Occasion: Young Children
Average Rating: Not Rated



One of a range of six prayer cubes, this one is the Childrens Prayer Cube. All cubes measure 1 1/2" (4cm) square. The prayers include

Dear Jesus I am so glad that you love me! Please lay your kind hands on me and bless me and keep me safe from harm forever. Amen.

Dear Jesus, I love you very much! I am glad that I am your child. Help me to never make you sad by my sins. Amen.

Dear Jesus, when I have hard things to do that i do not like, help me to do them a once for your sake. This will show you how much I love you. Amen

For rains that come, For winds that blow, For summers heat, For winter's snow, Dear Father God, We thank Thee. Amen.

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