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Large Grace Prayer Cube

Large Grace Prayer Cube
Price: £7.99
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Model: 9000117
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Large Grace Prayer Cube


These large grace prayer cubes are hard to get hold of, but once you've got one, because they are made from solid oak,  they should last for generations! A different prayer on each side rings the changes at mealtimes and provides a moment when the whole ' family' prays together. The image below shows its size compared with the smaller grace cube. The prayers are:

For Food and drink and fellowship God's Holy Name be praised Amen

You are in our midst O Lord. Your Holy Name has been invoked upon us. Do not abandon us O Lord our God Amen

Heavenly Father we praise you and thank you for our daily food Amen

Lord I will give thanks to you because of your love. Share this meal with us Amen

O Lord bless our home and bless our meal. Give us strength to share everything with those who are in hunger and need Amen

Bless us O Lord and all these gifts which we gratefully receive from your hands through Christ our Lord Amen

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